Pott. Co. #1 Camping

Boy Scout sawing Boys scouts fire

Preparing for Camporall while camping at Pott. Co. #1

Manko Lake Campout

Scout Aug 2014 5Scout Aug 2014 2

Thank you Manko for a great campout.


Ben Schlageck’s Eagle Project

Schlageck Eagle 2 Schlageck Eagle 3

Congratulations to Ben Schlageck on completing his Eagle project!

Jimmy Bunting’s Eagle Project

Scout Eagle Bunting 1Scout Eagle Bunting 2

Congratulations to Jimmy Bunting on completing his Eagle project!


K-State Meadow Garden

Our Troop has put in about 120 hour this summer and last summer at the K-State Meadow Garden. We sowed t-shirts to make errosion socks and installed them to make terracing. We helped plant, weed, and water the Meadow, and have even served as guides for open house events. The K-State Meadow Garden project helped our Scouts accomplish community service and learn about conservation. Thank you to Mrs. Kathrine Schlageck and K-State for giving us the chance to help!





Cold Weather Campouts

This past spring Troop 75 participated in a survival campout
near Mr. Manuel’s farm. Mitch Custer helped give a good summary
of what it is like to be on a cold weather campout.photo5_zpsca3504f6

Sheridan: What was your favorite part of the survival camout?

Mitch: The food was the best part, because I cooked it myself.

Sheridan: What was the most memorable thing that happened
at the survival campout?
Mitch: The leaders gave us all a snickers bar that we could
eat whenever we wanted to.

Sheridan: What types of things did you do?
Mitch: We built shelters, built fires, and cooked food.

Sheridan: Were you cold? What were some important personal
items to take?
Mitch: I wasn’t cold. Make sure that you take a warm sleeping bag,
warm clothes, toiletries, and water proof containers.

Sheridan: What type of sheter did you build?
Mitch: I laid a poncho over a tree branch to make a quick A-frame shelter.

Our New Eagle Scouts

2014 Eagle Scouts                                              Mr. Manuel

Troop 75 is proud of our Eagle Scouts.  In 2013 Timothy Miller, Patrick Zenk, Austin Gwinner, Quentin Jensen, Jared Brown, Nickolas Clark and Christian Gulker were awarded Eagle Scout.  Christian, Austin and Nick are pictured above.

Mr. Kent Manuel is also pictured above with Nick, Nate, Austin and Christian after Mr. Manuel was awarded the Silver Beaver.

Veterans Day Parade

Troop 75 celebrated Veterans Day by participating in the Veterans Day Parade.  Mr. Manuel brought100_1561

Deer Dancer and Como Se  the llamas, and we took turns leading them down Poyntz Avenue.

It was great to have the Venturing Crew with us.

Mafeking and Thanksgiving Campout

100_1554On November 8th we had a Mafeking/Thanksgiving campout at Pott Co. Lake, and we had lots of fun.  The Mafeking challenge course gave us the chance to learn how to cross a monkey bridge, orienteer, build fires, make a stretcher and lash a ladder. . .and we did it all at night.  My favorite part of Mafeking was trying to make it through the Boer’s mines.  The Thanksgiving meal was really good.  We had turkey and ham and all of the other Thanksgiving goodies.  Our Troop cooked two turkey’s in Mr. Manuel’s contraptions.  One turkey was cooked in an inverted trash can.  One turkey was hung and cooked in a steel cube.  It was great to have new Scouts, Webelos and our Venturing Crew join us.  We had lots of fun!

Egg Delivery System

Egg Delivery Engineering ProjectOne of our Troop Merit Badges was Engineering where you had to create something that could be dropped and prevent an egg malfunction. This pictures shows all of the projects that were tested for egg delivery during a recent Merit Badge Meeting. Mr. Manuel thought that it would be a great idea to drop a chicken. We were not able to prove whether the egg cracked, but the chicken seemed unharmed.