KSU Merit Badge Day

2016 Merit Badge Conference

We had a good Saturday at the KSU Merit Badge Day.

K-State Merit Badge Conference

Scout Merit Badge Conference 2016

If you want a great chance to earn merit badges, go to the K-State Merit Badge Conference!

Scout Christmas Party

Scout Bowling 2015

Don’t forget to sell your spaghetti dinner tickets!

Scout Parking Fundraiser

Scout Parking 2015

Scout fundraising at KSU game day

Thanksgiving Meal at the Mafeking Campout

Scout Mafeking 5 2015 Scout Mafeking 4 2015 Scout Mafeking 2 2015 Scout Mafeking 2015

Scouts had a great time at the Mafeking Campout.  It was a really good meal!

Veterans Day Parade

Scout Vet Day Parade 2 2015     Scout Vet Day Parade 2015

Thank you to our Veterans!

Fall Court of Honor

Scout Fall Court of Honor 2015

Troop 75 congratulates many first year Scouts on their achievements.

Scout Zoo Day

Scout Zoo Day 2 2015 Scout Zoo Day 3 2015

Troop 75 making donuts and having fun at the Sunset Zoo.

Quivera Scout Ranch 2015!

QSR 108QSR 022QSR 045

Movie Maker Merit Badge – Death By Bongo Bongo